Take Slap


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Look at those bad mamajamas! Each purchase of $10 and we'll send you one of these beautiful hotboi-tastic slaps! But! There is a catch....

We absolutely love making these in all kinds of crazy colors and it's impossible to sort and sell 100 colors of the same product online, so we are making it random.

That's right. You pay us $10, and we'll send you a random color via USPS.

Worried you might not get the color you want? If you buy four stickers we'll throw a fifth in for FREE!(And don't worry, we'll mix it up good for you. None of that 5 blues, greens, etc. You'll get a nice variety)

Shipping included because we can't have you supportive people paying for that nonsense.

****All orders will include a single polaroid from one of the events we travel to. Could be a shot of Jerry making a goofy face. Could be a friend's car. Could be a baby duck. Who knows!


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